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Koncz International And Domestic Personal Transport 

Schedule-based International transportation, airport transfer, independent routes, routes for laborers. We have a solution for all. With 12 years of experience under our belt, contact us with confidence.

Transportation of Goods

Due to heightened interest we started operating our International Package Shipping, too. With the same preciseness you might be accustomed to. Our company has been operating in International Personal Transport, we have transported packages before but we have never done so on a business level. Until we saw that the demand for such a service has elevated. 

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Transportation for Workers

In today’s world one of our company's major problems is to retain the working force.  Surely many companies believe that providing their workers with specially scheduled bus routes they take up extra work, however this method is practical in that it ensures that the workers don’t leave the company, and it doesn’t come with any extra labor for the company, quite the contrary:

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Airport Transfer

In case you need airport transportation, you are at the best possible place, whether you need to relocate from the airport of  Vienna, Bratislava, or Budapest, we are at your service in all cases. 

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Independent Routes

Our company ensures the transportation of groups of any size at any time on domestic and international level, too.

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Why choose Koncz International and Domestic Transport?

Because we help you arrive to your destination safely



Our scheduled International bus routes use the shortest possible track with a high number of vehicles



We are continuously upgrading our vehicles ensuring the best comfort possible.



Our vehicles are equipped with the best accident-preventing systems, such as Lane Departure Control, Adaptive Cruise Control, Intelligent Emergency Braking System, etc. Besides, our drivers always sit behind the wheel sufficiently well-rested.



Our customer service and drivers provide their best services to ensure that we keep ourselves to the given schedule, although this is a hard task across half of Europe, yet we always try our best.

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