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Transportation of Goods

Due to heightened interest we started operating our International Package Shipping, too. With the same preciseness you might be accustomed to. Our company has been operating in International Personal Transport, we have transported packages before but we have never done so on a business level. Until we saw that the demand for such a service has elevated. 

What you need to know about our parcel delivery service:

In Budapest, Pest County and the 30 km agglomeration of the M1 motorway we collect and deliver packages to the exact address. Therefore you do not need to travel to a meeting point to post or receive your package, leave this to us. 

In Austria and Germany we pick up and deliver packages at an exact address in all cases. 

What kind of packages can I send with Koncz International Personal Transport?

Almost all kinds. From smaller to larger ones. Contact us with confidence. 

We send you a uniquely tailored price offer in all cases. Similar to our bus schedules, we depart to the direction of Germany on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday, and come back to Hungary on Monday, Thursday and Friday. The packages are delivered on the day of mailing or on the next day unharmed. 

Ask for our offer today!